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US Sales Representatives

To contact the Cooper Bussmann District Sales Engineer (DSE), Technical Sales Engineer (TSE) or Sales Representative Firm, click the e-mail links in the table below. If you need a sales representative outside of the US, please contact Cooper Bussmann Customer Satisfaction.

United States Sales Representatives

Central Region

 E-mail Link

 Regional Sales Manager

 Dan Burke
 East Iowa & Central Illinois  David Baker
 Central & Southern Illinois  Archway Electrical Sales
 Chicago, IL:  North of 290 & East of Route 83  Robert Simon
 Chicago, IL: West of Route 83 to Iowa  Steve Kovach

 Chicago, IL: South of 290 & East of Route 83/North Indiana

 John D'Adam
 Detroit, MI  Dave Vallier
 West Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas & West Missouri  C & O Electric
 Indianapolis, IN  Joe Pavia
 Kentucky & South Indiana  A. L. Pickens Co., Inc.
 Michigan  Jim Maring
 Milwaukee, WI  Eric Reiter
 North & SE Minnesota; Western Wisconsin  George Cusick
 Western Minnesota; N & S Dakota  Craig Knoll
 North Indiana  Lester Sales Company
 St. Louis, MO  Archway Electrical Sales
 Toledo, OH  Dave Courtney
 Wisconsin  Ron Skow

 Southeast Region


 Regional Sales Manager

 Mike Pille
 District Sales Manager - Texas  Dale Missey
 Dallas, TX  Craig Tidey
 Houston, TX  Terry Tollefsbol
 San Antonio, TX  Warren Conner 
 East Tennessee  L.W. French
 Florida  Metra Associates
 Georgia, Alabama, Florida  Tower Sales
 Louisiana, Mississippi   General Power & Control
 Memphis, TN, Arkansas, West Tennessee, 
 North Mississippi
 Curtis H. Stout, Inc. 
 Oklahoma  Blaine Bunch
 Tennessee  Barry Dye

 Western Region


 Regional Sales Manager

 Dean Erickson
 North California, Northwest Nevada  Electrorep North
 Washington, North Idaho, Alaska  Pro-Lines Sales and Marketing (WA)
 Utah, Idaho, Montana, Southwest Wyoming, 
 Northeast Nevada 
 Blomquist, Densley and Young
 Colorado, Wyoming, Rapid City, SD  Ryall Group, LLC.
 New Mexico, El Paso, TX   Kanouse-Harper Associates
 Oregon, Southwest Washington  Pro-Lines Sales and Marketing (OR)
 Arizona, South Nevada  Apex Electrical Sales, Inc.
 Hawaii  Agencies Pacific
 South California  Electrorep South

 Northeast Region


 Regional Sales Manager

 Kamil Daouk
 Baltimore, MD  O.T. Hall
 Boston, MA  David Chase
 Cleveland, OH  Mark Bandish
 Columbus, OH  Dave Reel
 Connecticut  Joseph Baroli
 New Jersey  Albert Cox
 New Jersey, Eastern New York  John Nakahara
 New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine  Fred Tocco
 New York (Upstate)  Aynur Akyaz
 North Carolina  Sam Johnson/Farmer Electrical Sales
 Philadelphia, PA  Matt Sukley
 Pittsburgh, PA  Mike Akins
 South Carolina  Sam Johnson/Farmer Electrical Sales
 Virginia  L.W. French
 West Virginia  Sales Marketing Group, Inc.
 Puerto Rico  Glenn International

US Sales Reps