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Cooper Bussmann® Software programs are available to help you save time in determining a variety of product data and technical information that will help you with design applications and determining electrical values. Most of these programs are available to you at no cost through this web site or as a down load to your PC. Others, like the OSCAR™ Compliance Software, are available on a limited free-trial basis or for sale as a year long subscription.

Accessing and Downloading

NOTE: Software may not work on Windows 7 operating system.

Before you can access or download any no-cost software program, Cooper Bussmann requests you first register. After you register, you may access that program as long as your permission “cookie” remains active and valid. You must register independently for each software program you want to access. If you have any concerns about the information we require, please visit out Privacy Policy on this web site.

The "Shockwave" versions of these software programs were created with Macromedia Director and Afterburner. To access these software programs on-line you must download the Shockwave plug-in. (See System Requirements below for best viewing conditions.) Use this link to secure your Shockwave plug-in.

The download versions of these software programs are available for use as stand alone programs with added utility over the programs presented on-line. When you click the desired link, a pop up will appear that allows you to save or run the program. Save it to your hard drive to be able to run locally. CAUTION: Be sure to compare the size of the file that you have downloaded with the size shown to ensure that you have received a complete file.

Cooper Bussmann reserves the right, without notice, to change any of these programs and to discontinue or limit their distribution. Cooper Bussmann also reserves the right to change or update, without notice, any technical information contained on this Web site. Cooper Bussmann is not responsible for misapplication of our products.

Consult our Application Engineering Department at 636-527-1270 for further information.

Short-Circuit Current Calculator
An easy way to calculate prospective short-circuit current levels

The Cooper Bussmann Point-to-Point Short-Circuit Calculator is a simple, easy-to-use program that allows you to calculate prospective short-circuit currents with a reasonable degree of accuracy. These values can be calculated on the load side of a transformer, at the end of a run of cable or at the end of a busway. Calculations can be made for single or three phase systems.


Short-Circuit Current Calculation

I2t Calculator
A quick, easy way to calculate I2T levels

The I2T Calculator program allows the user to calculate ampere squared seconds for a given wave forms. I2T is a quantity representing energy which is calculated by finding the area under a given curve. It is given in units of Amp squared seconds (A2s). After choosing the correct waveform, the values for the current levels and the time are entered by the user, the program will then calculate the I2T.


I2t Calculator

Group Motor Protection Guide
A quick and easy-to-use program to help you meet group motor protection requirements

The NEC® section 430-53 allows two or more motors, and other loads, to be protected by the same overcurrent protective device when specific requirements are met. The Cooper Bussmann Group Motor Protection Guide program is a quick and easy-to-use program that will tell you if you meet the requirements of group motor protection by asking a series of questions. Once it is determined that you can use group motor protection, you must still meet the group switching requirements of NEC® section 430-112. The Cooper Bussmann Group Motor Protection Guide program will ask another series of questions to see if you meet these requirements.

Group Motor Protection

Motor Circuit Selection Guide
A quick, simple way to get the right Cooper Bussmann fuse for a motor application

The Cooper Bussmann Motor Circuit Selection Guide program is intended to be a quick and simple way to choose the proper type and size of Cooper Bussmann® fuse for a specific motor application. The values from the Cooper Bussmann Motor Circuit Selection Guide program are intended only to be guidelines. Because motor inrush characteristics vary, the recommended fuses may not hold the inrush current. Consult our latest catalogs, application literature or contact the Application Engineering Department at 636-527-1270.

Motor Circuit Protection

Transformer Protection Guide
Determines the maximum fuse value for a transformer

The Cooper Bussmann Transformer Protection Guide program translates NEC® section 450-3 for overcurrent protection of transformers. Based upon basic information about a transformer, the program will take you through a flow chart to arrive at the maximum fuse value that can be used for your particular transformer.

Transformer Protection

Fuse Selection Guide
The easy way to select a fuse

The Cooper Bussmann Fuse Selection Guide program will help you select a Cooper Bussmann® fuse based upon fuse characteristics. The program performs a search based upon electrical or electronic fuse, the voltage rating, AC or DC, time-delay or fast-acting characteristics, and the available fault current, if known. Any or all of these parameters may be entered to narrow the search results.

Fuse Selection Guide